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Last update: 09.01.2019
Quantum Optics Lab - The Stefanov Group
Quantum Optics Lab - The Stefanov Group
Our research aims at studying the interaction of broadband entangled photon with matter. For that purpose, we study the spatiotemporal properties of broadband entangled photons are produced by parametric down conversion in non linear crystals. Because their temporal correlations cannot be detected by standard electronic coincidence techniques, we use and study optical non-linear processes like sum frequency generation as fast coincidence method. The wave function of such broadband entangled photon pairs can be shaped using pulse shaping techniques from ultrafast optics. This allows to reconstruct the quantum state of the biphoton and to extract information on the medium seen by the photons and on the coincidence detection process. The quantum correlations can be used to gain information on scattering processes and to perform spectroscopy with biphoton.
The strong quantum correlation in the spectrum of the photon is also used to experimentally probe entanglement in high dimensional Hilbert spaces.

Bessire, Dr. Bänz   Contact  
Portrait Bänz Bessire, Dr.
Division:Laser Physics
Group:Quantum Optics
Stefanov, Prof. Dr. André   Contact  
Portrait André Stefanov, Prof. Dr.
Division:Laser Physics
Group:Quantum Optics
Status:Head of group